Congratulations IHL Action Campaign Outstanding Teams!


The IHL Team is thrilled to share some exciting news! Five IHL Action Campaign teams have been selected to receive national recognition for their amazing work. This year we had 34 teams from 17 regions submit entries to compete for a National Recognition Prize Package. These teams submitted videos, games, simulations, skits, podcasts, and more that showcased their extensive knowledge of IHL and the creative ways through which they taught their peers about IHL, healthcare in danger, and torture. Our Selection Committee had an extremely difficult time making a decision after reviewing these proposals, but we are very excited to announce the teams of university and high school students that the Committee selected to receive national recognition.

The five outstanding teams selected to receive the National Recognition Prize Package are (in no particular order):

The Selection Committee also recognizes the following five additional teams with Honorable Mention Awards for their IHL Action Campaigns’ accomplishments (in no particular order):

We would also like to recognize and congratulate the IHL Action Campaign teams that were not selected to receive a National Recognition Prize Package. A big thanks to the teams from the following Regions: Southeast Michigan, Cincinnati/Dayton, Miami and the Keys, Kentucky, Minnesota,  Texas Gulf Coast, Utah, San Diego, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

We were extremely impressed by the work done as part of the IHL Action Campaign. We are so proud of each team’s commitment to teaching their peers about IHL, and thank them for their participation!










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