Listening to the Voice from the Shadow

When a person is living in a safe neighborhood, surrounded by families and friends, and never needs to worry about breakfast or winter, it is hard for him/her to imagine what it looks like to live in torture every day.

During our in-school field trip of international humanitarian law (IHL) training, we learned a lot about torture and started to notice that torture exists not only in many other countries but on our own land as well. As an IHL Action Campaign team, we want people to truly know about it because the more awareness we can raise, the less people might suffer from torture.

Therefore, to bring the subject of torture some attention, we decided to create a podcast as well as presenting within Oak Hills High School so students can learn about it through both listening and in-person interaction.

Oak Hills

Students participating in IHL training

We are currently looking at three stories from around the world to discuss on the podcast and planning on recording it during our spring break. Once recorded, we plan on discussing torture and the podcast through small meetings of homerooms over the course of two weeks. We hope to reach 2,500 students with these meetings.

Members of our team will get in groups of two and go room to room to discuss both torture and the podcast itself with a slide show before the discussion. We will also create a Facebook page and a hashtag for the podcast to raise more awareness. Our advertising team is creating posters for the hallways in our school.

We will ask our high school students to fill out a brief survey pertaining to both human rights and torture in particular both before and after the podcast. Meanwhile, we will record the presentation and summarize the survey to report out results.

We hope we can make a difference through this project and help people who are suffering from torture find their voice and safety.

Authors: Oak Hills High School IHL Action Campaign Team, Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region

*The purpose of the IHL Action Campaign is for young people to teach their peers about the importance of IHL, as well as issues related to healthcare in danger, torture, and humanitarianism.

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