Shaping Modern Awareness of IHL with Social Media

As social media plunges into modern society and shapes the views and opinions of our growing generation, the IHL Action Campaign Team at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami, Florida, decided to use this to our advantage. The goal of our Campaign is to spread awareness about the rules and regulations that reduce human suffering during armed conflict, known as international humanitarian law (IHL). Our leaders – Alexandra Quintana, Andreina Chinea, and LeVar Rigard – began planning the Campaign set up presentations to inform the community about torture and healthcare in danger in relation to IHL.


coral reef 1.1

Students at Coral Reef Senior High School pledging to support IHL


In these presentations, our class pledged to spread awareness about this growing issue. They wrote their names in red paint on a white sheet to symbolize their dedication to advocating for the rights of individuals suffering in armed conflicts. Along with signing their names, they followed our Twitter account @CRkeytohumanity. Through this social media account, individuals gain an understanding of IHL by posting current events related to humanitarian law occurring in foreign countries and providing updates on our Campaign. On our Twitter page, we are able to advocate for individuals experiencing war through clicks of a button; the simple task of posting Twitter entries gives the international community access to our Campaign. Others are spreading this information by reposting or sharing it with their friends and peers, as well.

We believe social media is the next big step in our Campaign. Youth and social media are attached at the hip, constantly networking information. We have added our input into this global online community and are aiming to make IHL a well-known term.

Authors: Coral Reef Senior High School IHL Action Campaign, Greater Miami and the Keys Region

*The purpose of the IHL Action Campaign is for young people to teach their peers about the importance of IHL, as well as issues related to healthcare in danger, torture, and humanitarianism.

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