Building Interest, Support, and Compassion

Most of us are not aware of the daily struggles that others have to face, far away. We live comfortably in the USA; our communities aren’t required to learn about the injustices occurring in every corner of the world. Not only do the efforts of the Red Cross and IHL Action Campaign educate our community about these occurrences, but they also build important bonds between each of us.

When I first discovered the IHL Action Campaign, I thought it was a great cause but didn’t inquire deeper into the subject. Over time, I began to realize that IHL was much more than one mission statement. As we delved further into the training, I gained a lot of knowledge and personal experiences as well. The simulations we were put through opened my eyes; they represent difficulties that happen to people on a larger, palpable scale. The IHL Campaign is crucial for enforcing justice on the battlefield. Not enough people are aware of the moral laws being broken each day and how we can prevent it.

Our school is helping to spread the word by making a two day school-wide event. During lunch, we will have fun activities as well as informational presentations on health care in danger. So far we have painted our posters to hang around the school and are preparing to hand out pens that say “IHL Even Wars Have Limits” to spread even more awareness. We want to enlighten people about IHL violations others endure every day and how to prevent them. We can make a difference by communicating these real, terrifying incidences to our peers and planting a seed of awareness into each person’s mind and conscience.

The suffering IHL seeks to prevent can be eliminated with interest, support, and compassion from each person in our communities.

Author: Christine Zhou, Diamond Bar High School IHL Action Campaign, Long Beach Chapter

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*The purpose of the IHL Action Campaign is for young people to teach their peers about the importance of IHL, as well as issues related to healthcare in danger, torture, and humanitarianism.

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