Impact through Education: Leading the IHL Action Campaign

Since June of 2015, I have been operating as Program Coordinator of the IHL Action Campaign at the Greater Long Beach Red Cross Chapter in Los Angeles. As a volunteer, I was appointed to the position after attending the Washington D.C. Youth Leadership Summit as a leader of the winning South Bay Action Campaign team. Over the last six months, I have developed the Long Beach Action Campaign program, which has helped me grow as a leader.

I have learned so much working alongside a wonderful IHL Action Campaign committee. Through delegating responsibilities, speaking in public, following up on tasks, and more, I have become a better leader. Hetal Shah, Janice Wong, and Damian Nguyen serve as my advisors and mentors; they all have very different perspectives and personalities, which are brought together under the Action Campaign. They have provided me with valuable insight and support to help guide both the Campaign and me along the right path the whole way through.

At the Greater Long Beach Chapter, the IHL Action Campaign has come alive. Our program agenda adapted to the new momentum provided by the success of the previous year, which meant reaching out to recruit team leaders and members with a different approach. My committee and I learned from the successes and shortcomings of previous IHL events and made changes or tried new things accordingly. Six months of set-up and preparation led to a running start for the six teams that completed the training process.

The Action Campaign is the youth volunteers’ stepping-stone towards making the world a better place. For the new participants, my committee, and me, the Campaign has become a global movement. The team members operate as the core of that movement. We make sure the participants see the Campaign as an opportunity to learn more about the world as a whole and some of the dilemmas that persist to this day. It is a chance to begin making an impact on the world, simply by educating individuals within local communities. The insight that IHL has to offer brings both active participants and people who have witnessed the Action Campaign into the global community.

So far, the Action Campaign is going well for the committee and teams. We are constantly planning for the future and facilitating the Campaign, while the teams work diligently to innovate and implement their ideas. A great system of communication between the teams and the committee has been established to keep everything going as scheduled. All of this was possible because of the intricate planning, preparation, and dedication of every individual – whether they’re participating as a team member, team leader, or committee member.

Author: Tommy Tran, Program Coordinator, American Red Cross Long Beach Chapter


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