IHL Action Campaign Blogging Season is Here


Taking Trainings to the Next Level

Almost all Chapters have finished their IHL Action Campaign Team Leader trainings, and many Chapters have also completed their Team Member trainings. Red Crossers are thinking of innovative ways to make trainings more interactive and relevant. Northern Kentucky is hosting the first all-ROTC Action Campaign team. The ROTC members will receive course credit for completing the program and have chosen to focus on the torture subtopic. Additionally, the Southeast Michigan Chapter is working with a professor from the University of Michigan, specializing in psychoanalysis, to help students in the Action Campaign learn about the psychological effects of torture.

Trainings in the Media

The Mid-Central Pennsylvania Action Campaign’s training received media coverage from the regional Red Cross blog and the Centre Daily Times. The Executive Director of the Mid-Central Pennsylvania Chapter, Stephanie Fost, explains the benefits of participating in the Action Campaign in the Daily Times: “Students who participate benefit by improving their analytical skills as they explore different perspectives on the rules of conflict, the effect war has on human life and human dignity, and their personal connections to it.”

Now it’s time for the teams to start brainstorming – we can’t wait to see the Campaigns they have in store! Check our blog every week to find out what’s happening with the campaigns across the country. Our IHL Action Campaign blogging season is officially on!

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