Training in Action: A New Year of IHL Action Campaigns

IHL AC Locations - Nov 2015

All 20 Chapters and Regions involved in the IHL Action Campaign are underway with preparations for the new year. St. Louis, Utah, Kentucky, and Southeast Michigan have already completed training for their Action Campaign Team Leaders. Long Beach, Massachusetts, Western and Central New York, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Greater New York, and Cincinnati have Team Leader trainings scheduled this month. Central and Southern Illinois, in order to accommodate students studying abroad, is running one Action Campaign each semester and will present simulations next weekend. Returning chapters have greatly expanded their programs, such as the Long Beach Chapter which now hosts 15 prospective teams. Many Chapters have partnered with other organizations – such as Amnesty International, Global Connections, the United Nations Association, and university law faculties – to bring additional expertise and excitement to their Action Campaigns. Massachusetts, Central and Southern Illinois, and Orange County were recently featured on the Red Cross Youth website, highlighting how their Action Campaigns make a difference.

How do young people learn about IHL? What happens in this training?

The American Red Cross of the Greater St. Louis Region launched this year’s IHL Action Campaign with a training for Team Leaders from Washington University on Saturday, October 24. The Team Leaders, including four members of the school’s Red Cross Club, then facilitated a Raid Cross event held on Sunday, October 25. Nine students, two Red Cross volunteers, and two Red Cross staff members were among the participants. The Raid Cross event featured a post on Delivering Health Care in Conflict Zones in which military units sought to use a hospital as a military position. Students, in the role of patients, listened to the arguments of a doctor and an army officer. At the conclusion, patients were asked to vote on whether to allow the military into the hospital – an element introduced by the students. Senaida Varnica, an International Services Volunteer Caseworker and Bosnian refugee, was also able to bring her personal experiences and insights to the group on the issues Raid Cross explores. The Washington University IHL Action Campaign Team is currently planning their campus-wide Action Campaign activity for the Spring 2016 semester.

Authors: Michael Pfeifer and Alexa Magee, American Red Cross Volunteers.

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