Weekly IHL Update – August 31, 2015

Weekly IHL Update

August 31, 2015

In the news:

South Korea broadcast pop music and messages about the “happy life of South Koreans” across the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. The pop music and messages played across the border this month prompted North Korea to fire artillery and mass troops along the border. North Korea further responded that if the loudspeakers were not shut off, South Korea would face “all-out war.”

The United Nations is progressing with a plan to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that he plans to create a three person team to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria. This investigation follows allegations of the use of mustard gas by ISIS militants, along with other chemical agents

The United States military launched airstrikes last Thursday in the Afghan district of Musa Qala against “individuals threatening coalition and Afghan forces.” Control of the district has changed hands recently, as it was formerly a long-term Taliban stronghold that the Afghan government seeks to retake. The Afghan security forces are also participating in the efforts to retake the area from Taliban control.

Around the web:

Taliban Leadership Crisis. In the wake of Mullah Omar’s confirmed death, there has been an ongoing Taliban leadership power struggle. Radio Free Europe provides a useful infographic on the situation.

On the blog:

Humanity in War Live-Stream Series Conversation with Charles Blanchard on Cyberwarfare. Join the IHL Team on September 3 for a discussion on cyberwarfare with Charles Blanchard, previous General Counsel of the Air Force and the Army. You can participate too by sending in questions and feedback on twitter @HumanityinWar, #HumanityinWar.

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