Weekly IHL Update – August 24, 2015

Weekly IHL Update

August 24, 2015

In the news:

On Sunday, 23 Iraqi soldiers and government-allied fighters were killed in an ISIS attack involving suicide bombings in the district of Jaramshah, in the Anbar region of Iraq. Fighting has been waging in this region for months, and the Iraq military has made little progress against ISIS during this time.

In Syria, ISIS militants blew up an ancient temple in the ruins of Palmyra. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the Islamic State militants detonated “a large quantity of explosives” to destroy the Temple of Baalshamin, which is one of the best preserved structures in the ruins. The city of Palmyra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected from attack.

Israel carried out an air raid in Syria on Friday which killed up to five Iran-backed militants it claimed were responsible for a rocket attack coming from Syria. The attack came only a day after Israel had launched a dozen air raids on the Syrian-side of the occupied Golan Heights, which raises concerns within the international community of an escalating situation of violence within the region.

Around the web:

Walking in War’s Path. An interactive feature by The New York Times shows how war has affected residents of Israel and Gaza by providing a view of common scenes.

On the blog:

My Progression as a Leader through the IHL Action Campaign. A high school student from Los Angeles shares his experiences on the blog with the IHL Action Campaign and how it developed his leadership skills in sharing international humanitarian law with his generation.

Celebrating World Humanitarian Day. Christie Edwards, Director of the International Humanitarian Law Unit of the American Red Cross speaks about World Humanitarian Day.

Humanity in War Live Stream Series. Join the IHL Team every other Thursday for the live-stream series “Humanity in War” on the blog.

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