Weekly IHL Update – July 20, 2015

Weekly IHL Update

July 20, 2015

In the news:

Finally, a nuclear deal has been made between the US government and Iran. Officials have reported that the deal may not be a good one, but it is better than nothing for now. They concluded that Iran has a legal right to an enrichment program, as well as a time limit to the restrictions placed on the amount of nuclear fuel that Iran can keep, which will last for 15 years. The US claims that this part of the deal is a core component. Iran, in return, is accepting a higher inspection level than what other countries, including ones defeated in war, have allowed.

On Monday, Iraq declared that it intends to begin a new military operation to take the province of Anbar back from ISIS. The US stands behind Iraq on this mission, as confirmed by their airstrikes near Ramadi. In fact, the US air force is stepping up their offensive to match that of the Iraqi military. The UN released a report stating that over 3,300 Iraqi civilians have been killed and 4,700 injured within the five months of this past December to April. They also addressed the possibility that the Islamic State committed war crimes and genocide while attacking civilians.

Sudan became the first African country to sign the Deed of Commitment to protect children from during armed conflict from the hostilities and dangers of war and also to provide appropriate care and attention to those who have been affected in some way.

Around the web:

Down and Dirty on the Iranian Nuclear Deal. War on the Rocks presents a thorough analysis of the Iranian nuclear deal and concerns surrounding the agreement.

Who is governing Nigeria? President Muhammadu Buhari has been in office 6 weeks now and has yet to choose any advisors for his cabinet, leaving people wondering how he will accomplish his ambitious agenda.

On the blog:

My Experience of the IHL Action Campaign at Three Levels. IHL intern, Hetal Shah discusses her experiences volunteering with the Red Cross over the past six years and exposure to the local, regional, and national levels of the organization. She advocates that anyone can find a place as a volunteer with the Red Cross that will utilize their strengths.

Situation Update: Syria and Iraq. This week Megan Norris, an intern with the Restoring Family Links team updated us on the situation with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Munchin’ on IHL. The IHL Legal Team has launched a new lunchtime learning series for Red Cross staff at National Headquarters to teach the fundamentals of IHL and how it relates to current armed conflicts.

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