The Bold Eagles Take Off on the Game of Life

Students of Mayfair High School Red Cross have come together to form an IHL Action Campaign. This campaign aims to educate others about armed conflicts and humanitarian issues during war, such as how  International Humanitarian Law (IHL)  protects people like prisoners of war.


Mayfair High School students in Los Angeles have modified the Game of Life to teach their peers about IHL and gender issues in an interactive way.

We decided to take a unique approach to spreading awareness by creating a website that contains an interactive flash game, similar to the Game of Life, along with additional information related to the IHL Action Campaign. We started by choosing a subtopic: we chose gender, rather than refugees, because we were interested in  the unique problems concerning each gender. Our campaign talks about each side of gender and the particular problems different genders face in war, such as being child soldiers or prisoners of war. The interactive experience of our game showcases a day in the life of civilians such as these and how they are impacted by war.

Collaborating to create our IHL Action Campaign brought our group together in more than just a professional way with our common interest in the American Red Cross, but also in friendship. We all came to the IHL Action Campaign team with little knowledge about IHL, so we hope that with our particular campaign, we will be able to spread awareness to our peers and spark a public interest in IHL.

Guest blogger: Keaulani Q.

*The purpose of the IHL Action Campaign is for young people to teach their peers about the importance of IHL, as well as issues related to gender, refugees, and humanitarianism.

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