Through the Looking Glass

CAMS Team (2)

High school students at CAMS in Los Angeles have found that teaching others about IHL is just as rewarding for the team as it is for the youth they are educating.

The California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) IHL Team started their IHL Action Campaign after several weekends of training. The team quickly became interested in the project after discussing issues related to armed conflict and emergencies during the training. They learned that international humanitarian law (IHL) helps protect civilians who do not participate in conflicts. The CAMS IHL Team seeks to spread awareness about IHL and its significance to both human dignity and life by presenting to local youth groups and high school students. Through this IHL Action Campaign, the team hopes to open eyes and touch the hearts of many people about IHL.

The CAMS IHL Team feels it is important for American youth to learn about IHL because educating young people on current events can ultimately have a positive effect. It empowers them and helps them advocate to stop the cruel actions and violations of IHL that are taking place in the world today. It is important for people to be aware of the events happening in countries in addition to our own. Although it may seem like we are unable to make a difference, we actually are able to spread awareness rather quickly and fundraise to help people in need. It is always beneficial and rewarding to help others through the American Red Cross.


The team in action!

Through the IHL training and volunteering, the CAMS IHL Team, as a whole, has grown to enjoy helping those in need around the world. From blood drives to first aid training, the team now understands the impact they can make in other people’s lives, even if it does not seem to be that way initially. By participating in the IHL Action Campaign and spreading awareness of IHL through campaign, the CAMS IHL team is ecstatic to be able to continue their work, support other teams with their own campaigns, aid the individuals that are affected directly and indirectly by armed conflicts, and grow as a whole team in the process.

Guest bloggers: Kyrillos G. and Samrina V.

*The purpose of the IHL Action Campaign is for young people to teach their peers about the importance of IHL, as well as issues related to gender, refugees, and humanitarianism.

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