IHL Youth Leadership Summit Announcement

We are excited to share wonderful news! The International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign teams have been selected to attend the 2nd Annual IHL Youth Leadership Summit this June 5-8 in Washington D.C. This year we had 26 teams from 8 Red Cross Chapters from around the country submit really fantastic projects showcasing their knowledge of IHL and their creative approaches to teaching their peers. Our Selection Committee had a very difficult decision in front of them, but we are very excited about the teams of university and high school students who will be joining us in D.C.

The selected teams are (in no particular order):

With so many incredible submissions, the Selection Committee decided to give special runner-up recognition to a team from the Orange County Chapter, Segerstrom High School. This Team will send their two Team Leaders to the Summit.

Moreover, teams from Porter County Chapter, Valparaiso University & Texas Gulf Coast Chapter have been contacted so that their online and board games can be incorporated into the Summit weekend. These teams really outdid their creative selves! Although they were not selected to come to D.C., we will showcase their superb work and give the Summit attendees a chance to play the games that they put together for their IHL Action Campaigns.

We would also like to specially congratulate those IHL Action Campaign teams that were not selected to attend the Summit, but whose work was extraordinary. It was a truly impressive set of projects, and all of the students and Chapter staff are very dedicated to the program!

We extend our most sincere recognition to the IHL Action Campaign Chapters in Texas Gulf Coast Region, Porter County Chapter, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.Thank you for a remarkable year of collaboration, learning and dedication. We are all very proud of your work!


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