Newts Action Team Brings IHL to their School

For the past few months, New Roots (Newts) Charter School students have worked vigorously on their IHL Action Campaigns to educate their peers about international humanitarian law. New Roots Spanish students are developing bilingual Action Campaigns about child soldiers and international justice, which will take the form of a giant board game and massive scavenger hunt to be presented at their school. Not only will these Newts educate their peers and administrators, but they are learning so much new vocabulary in Spanish about international humanitarianism and the rules of war.

Students from this Spanish class at New Roots joined the Action Campaign competition last year, and four students enjoyed the experience so much that they became Team Leaders this year. Their Spanish teacher, Mrs. Maria Gimma, understands how important the IHL program is, especially to expand students’ global consciousness. This is why Mrs. Gimma has students use class time to translate war-related vocabulary between the two languages. The students will present their Campaigns to their peers at New Roots, educating their whole student body.

For the content used to build their Campaigns, students have used both the ICC website and other online resources about child soldiers.

Students from New Roots are having such a good time during this year’s Campaign that they hope to win a trip to D.C. this June and stay involved next year. Lead on, Newts!

This team is ready to change the world.

This team is ready to change the world.

For more pictures of our experiences with IHL, visit us here.


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