From Passion to Action: Bradley University Students Educate Peers about IHL


The Central IL Red Cross Chapter’s IHL Action Campaign team from Bradley University went through our Raid Cross training sessions in December, and training on Child Soldiers and International Justice in January. Many of us attended a presentation on the operational, legal, and moral issues involving drones by Professor Amos Guiora of the S.J. Quinney College of Law. A few members attended a seminar on International Humanitarian Law at the University of Illinois Law School this March, which allowed them to learn about the governing IHL principles in even more depth. Some members have started independent research and additional events have inspired them thus far.

After training concluded, our team split into two subgroups to plan for the IHL Action Campaign – a marketing group and an event planning group. The marketing group came up with different strategies to advertise the campaign, including posters, buttons, stickers, handouts, interactive discussions on the quad and Student Center, social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, a flash mob at a highly-attended campus event, red flags on the quad and an online video commercial.

The event planning group is busy as well, and secured a room for the event on March 28 and 29. It also has a set plan for the simulations, which will feature a trained tour guide, leading a group through various situations to educate participants about child soldiers. Some of the simulations include a recruitment phase, a “loss of identity” session, an area with visuals about child soldiers, a monologue from a child soldier (a role played by a volunteer actor) and a final reflection station. We are in contact with Bradley’s Mock Trial team to do a courtroom simulation after the tour and are currently talking to different campus organizations to find volunteer actors for the simulations.

So far, our team members have been incredibly proactive in this process. This is what team member Olivia Hollis had to say:

“I am participating in this campaign to empower myself, and guide my choices. By educating ourselves on the topic, we can help to protect the innocence of children around the world. The campaign has already taught me so many lessons. Through participation in workshops, seminars and training, I have found a passion for IHL that will last a lifetime. With this campaign, I hope to inspire the same passion in others.”

Team member Rachel Teague said she wants to help raise awareness about IHL to her peers:

“It’s been my goal in college to become a more active global citizen, and the IHL Action Campaign is the perfect outlet to become more globally-minded and aware of current events,” she said.

Here are team member Carrie Brinkmeier’s comments on the campaign:

“I am participating in the campaign because I want to effect change in order to advocate for those without a voice. I have traveled the world, and I have studied IHL for three years; the stories, especially those of children, break my heart. I want people to know what is going on in this world, and I want to seize the chance to better future generations, society, and justice.”


You can find more comments about what motivates our team members, in videos and photographs, as well as photos of the training at:

Follow the Bradley University’s IHL Action Campaign on Facebook:

More information on IHL Action Campaign here




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